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Arianna's tale book review

Hey all,

I know I don’t post often, but I figured I’d let you all in on this book I just read. This is a new break through author that should be given a chance.

Arianna’s Tale: The Beginning starts off with a bang, forcing Arianna to leave her home after an altercation with her step-dad (of sorts), Mark. Once she moves into a new town with her dad, the mysteries of the town’s elite begin to encircle her and her brothers, as well as her own hidden past is revealed. But it’s not just the mysteries keeping this book thrumming, but the dread filling the characters knowing Mark is coming for Arianna to finish what he started.
DJ Humphries creates a story pulsing with action and wonders that pull the reader from reality into a world of fantasy that seems like it’s just a mile down the road from your home.


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Cover of D.J. Humphries’ Arianna’s Tale: The Beginning

My first book!

Hi all. I have had my first book, Midnight Over Moores out for a couple months now, and have had many people ask me to start a site to make it more available to people. Currently it is available at Amazon at this link:

It’s the first of it’s series, The Children of Carmen Chronicles, which follow a young girl, Jenna Sheffield, who finds out she has the ability to speak to the dead when a ghost starts to haunt her. Little does she know that her powers attract more dangers than she can imagine.

Please feel free to purchase there. They are available in EBook and Paperback forms.